Frequently Asked Questions

We look forward to answering any further questions you may have.
Is the rate/time inclusive of everything, including the walk, or walk-time only? 
The rate includes picking up and taking the dog home. Not just walk time.

Do you provide dog bags to use on the walk?
Yes. Bark Avenue proudly uses Beco Eco tidy bags.

Do you visit pets while owners are on vacation?
No. We expect owners are simply at work or out and about and will return later in the day. We are not a visiting service for owners on vacation.

How do I pay?
We prefer direct debit into our account with details provided on your invoice. We will email all invoices and receipts to you. We expect payment within 7 days of invoicing.

What if I'm very late home from work and require my dog be walked after 5pm?
Please contact us to discuss your dog's needs. Walks between 5pm and 8pm will be considered on request.

Do you give the dogs treats on their walks?
We do not give the dogs any food or treats unless approved by the owner. We carry our own water on all walks. 

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